BAB banko SNORAS depositors are encouraged to claim the insured funds

State Company „Deposit and Investment Insurance“ (DII) informs, that bankrupt stock company (BSC) bankas SNORAS depositors, to whom insurance payouts belong and who still have not claimed insurance payouts, must do so by the end of this year.

According to DII data, currently ex-depositors of BSC bankas SNORAs still have not claimed €14,27m of insurance payouts. In total depositors, that still have not claimed insurance payouts are approx. 164 thsnd., amongst them approx. 159 thsnd. natural personas and approx. 5 thsnd. Legal persons. Approx. €8,84m of insurance payouts belong to natural persons, and €5,43m of insurance payouts belong to legal persons.

68 thsnd. out of 164 thsnd. (natural and legal persons) deposits in BSC bankas SNORAS funds are less than €1.

The main reasons, why depositors still have not claimed their insurance payouts could be the following: a person is dead and estate documents are not processed; depositor is abroad or for some other reasons to claim, depositor knows that one has a small amount and does not claim it; does not know that one has funds in a bankrupt bank and does not know that it was insured.

Although 5 years have passed since bank went bankrupt, depositors still quite actively claims their insurance payouts, for example over on average 40 persons claimed their payouts a month over 2014, during 2015 – approx. 20.

DII encourages ex-depositors of BSC bankas SNORAS  not to wait for the last minute and claim their insurance payout. In case deposit insurance payouts are not claimed by 2016, November 24, payouts will be returned to Deposit insurance fund. Deposit insurance and liabilities to investors insurance law of Republic of Lithuania regulates that depositors right to claim deposit insurance payout is valid for 5 years since the day of the insured event.

Banks where insurance payouts can be claimed:

Natural persons: AB SEB bank.

Legal persons: Vilnius district – AB SEB bank, Klaipėda – Danske bank, Kaunas and Šiauliai – AB Šiauliai bank, Panevėžys – Nordea bank, Alytus ir Marijampolė – AB bank „Swedbank“, Telšiai and Utena districts – AB DNB bank, Tauragė district – UAB Medicinos bank.